About Us

Haven Dog Hotel began its journey in September 2010, striving to offer proper and comfortable dog boarding kennel services for the first time Sri Lanka. Since our inception, we have grown in to a trusted, reliable and valued organization that has a high rate of return for customers- and many of our dogs do not even want to leave!  We offer a comprehensive range of services, along with packages to suit your individual dog boarding kennel needs and are owned and operated by a UK certified canine behaviourist.Haven is situated in Malabe, Colombo, in a one-acre property. It is run by a team of dog loving individuals and has five boarding spaces available for use.

Owner Profile

Haven Dog Hotel is an original concept brought to life by owner Ashwini Aiyar. Aged 25 at the time, Ashwini has owned and brought up dogs her entire life, and could not picture a household without at least three dogs in it. She firmly believes not only in providing an exceptional service when it comes to dog boarding kennels, but also in changing attitudes about dogs in Sri Lanka. Since starting the kennels, Ashwini has  gained a diploma certification via the Cambridge Institute of Canine Behaviour and Training  (UK) in ‘Understanding Canine Care and Behaviour’, where her work in canine communication was praised for ‘raising the bar’.  She continues her studies and is currently enrolled in the BA programme.  Ashwini now adds pet relocation to her list of services, and is a practicing dog behaviourist. She is involved in a number of initiatives that aim to alleviate the stray dog population and continues to work closely with several animal rescue groups, in the hope that the dogs on her beloved island will have  a future worth waiting for.