Packages for Puppies

Here at Haven we offer a comprehensive range of packages to suit your every need. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please feel free to let us know how you would like your dog’s meals prepared and what kind of routine you would like, and we will create a customised package- just for you!

Packages for Puppies

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Basic package

Meals – Five/four times a day

(Rice, chicken, veggies)

Rs. 1700 per day

Regular package

Meals – Five/four times a day

Rice with chicken liver, and two kinds of vegetables (recommended)
Viewing via Skype

Rs. 1900 per day

Bring your own food package

Bring your own food economy package (for dry food only)

Meals two times a day
With your own dry food

Rs. 1500 per day

Packages for Grown ups?

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Value Added Services

  • Baths Rs. 500
  • Ear Cleaning Rs. 500
  • Teeth Brushing Rs. 500
  • Walks Rs. 200 per 30min walk
  • Worming Rs. 250
  • Medication Rs. 100 per day
  • Basic Training (depending on duration of stay, consisting of basic commands such as sit, down etc) – Rs. 1500
  • Toilet training Rs. 1500
  • Weaning (for very young dogs) Rs. 1000

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