Your pet is a member of your family, there’s no doubt about it! So what do you do when you are moving to another country and your furry friend has to come along too? The process of moving a pet from one country to another is one that can take several months, as every country has different regulations when it comes to the import and export of dogs and cats.

But with our pet relocation services, your move can be made so much easier! We know which vets have experience and which shippers are dog friendly. We have access to IPATA database and have worked with relocation experts who will give us the guidance we need. We will help you co-ordinate your pet’s flight, even up to the point of flying with the animal to make sure that a responsible person is always on hand in the event of an emergency. So just give us a call, or drop us a mail at, and tell us if you’re coming in or moving out, and we will show you the way! You can also find out more info at