Our Services

We at Haven offer a comprehensive range of dog boarding services designed to suit your dog’s individual needs.

Our service will vary based on the age and temperament of your dog as well as your dog’s daily routine. We advise that the package you choose should deviate as little as possible from the dog’s daily routine.

Each enclosure is spacious, and comes with its own garden space as well as kennel space. In addition, there is a separate play area, where the dogs will be sent for runs once a day.

We also offer some value added services such as


Teeth Brushing

Play Time and training

Dog walking

For puppies, we offer 100% no cage no leashing policy, ensuring that your puppy will feel right at home. Our own dogs are very puppy-friendly (some of them being puppies themselves!) and provide constant entertainment and companionship for a younger dog.

We also provide worming and weaning services.

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