Bee and Eydie

IMG_0749Bee & Eydie (2 sisters) were found on deaths door in a cemetery in a pile of their dead siblings and mother. So now that they are totally healthy and spritely, they live like princesses in a white tower, and due to the bad reputation dogs get in Sri Lanka, they rarely have a chance to go out and socialize. Needless to say, with all the excitement, all training went out the window when another dog was the vicinity. Not only does Haven offer our girls friendly, spacious and clean accommodations when we are away, Ashwini also helps us with training advice and socializing! A dedicated dog psychologist, she is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. We have seen such a huge change in our girls’ social skills and their ability to focus. They are super dogs now and that’s thanks to Ashwini and all the help she has given us at Haven. Thanks for all your dedication, Ashwini and team Haven! -Adrian&Chris

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