Jag and Jessy


Hi Ashwini,
Firstly a big thank you for taking care of our two pets, Jag & Jessy. Your
place is truly amazing and we wud like to encourage you to continue running
this venture to support hundreds of dog lovers like us who really have no
good place to turn to for boarding purposes. Being regular holidayers, we
had to cut off many of our holiday plans simply because we did not have a
decent place to keep Jag. Whenever we did board Jag, it was a case of him
coming back infested with ticks, dirty and completely stressed out. Then we
found Haven and it was an instant hit with Jag. We were so thrilled that we
immediately got Jessy because we now know we can leave them behind in your
care and that they are in good hands.
You have shown how much a dog lover you are by all your actions and we are
so happy to see all the trouble you take to update us daily. Your passion
for this no doubt will make your business thrive in time to come.
Jag & Jessy will be regulars at Haven for sure. We sincerely hope you can
expand sufficiently so that we are sure we have a place for them everytime
we are out.
Good luck Ashwini.
Melanie & Christo

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