Our dog Leo is a local ‘street dog’. When we took him in he was in a bad state; malnourished and bald with mange. He quickly recovered his health but other problems arose.

He was very difficult to control when walking and showed a worrying aggression toward many dogs we encountered on his walks. This meant that none of us enjoyed walking him. I’m fact, my son was afraid to.

We first met Ashwini when we heard about The Haven as a place to temporarily place Leo when we had to leave the country or for vacations. From the first day, Leo loved it there. Ashwini watched him and noted his aggression and lack of social skills with other dogs. She offered to keep him for a week, to continue to observe him and work on his lead behavior during walks.

Leo’s behavior was transformed when we got him back. Ashwini noted that his aggression towards other dogs stemmed from fear and that the confidence had to come from us. She taught us how to show Leo that we were in control and that we made the decisions during walks.

This method worked very well and I would not hesitate in recommending Ashwini both as a trainer and as a provider of a nurturing, safe kennel environment when you are on vacation.

Yours faithfully,

Siobhan O’Mahony

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