nuggetWe found Nugget on the railway line when she was about 6 weeks old, shortly after we moved to Sri Lanka. We felt it was very important to find a kennels where she could learn to be sociable with other dogs and where we would feel comfortable leaving her when we need to travel. After speaking with Ashwini at Haven, my mind was immediately put at ease. They have a special package for puppies and we had a one night free trial. Nugget had her first stay at Haven when she was just 3 months and she’s been back several times since. Ashwini kept us up-to-date by text with how she was doing and Nugget had so much fun she didn’t let anyone get much sleep. We are so glad to have somewhere that Nugget is treated as part of the family and every time we go it’s so reassuring to see her excited to see all her friends. The standard of care is wonderful and Ashwini has been a great source of advice (from diet to worming to carsickness!) Having her around the Haven dogs has helped her be such a friendly, balanced dog and it’s great to have someone we trust to look after her when we are away. Paul and Kim

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