Puppy and Socks



For those of you contemplating leaving your dogs at the Haven Dog hotel, just do
it!!! I had my two street specials called Puppy and Socks there for 10 days as I
sorted out their export papers from Sri Lanka to Africa. Ashwini and her team were
unbelieveably fantastic. I do not usually send testimonials but I have to here. They
helped me out so much and I could not have accomplised all that I needed to without
their support. The kennels are perfect, plenty of space, and the free time they have
out running around the large secure compound just adds to the wonderful atmosphere
of the hotel. The staff are wonderfully considerate and kind with a geuine interest
in what they are doing. My two dogs are from the street but they are a wee bit
“special” but they just took them in and made them feel at home. Ashwini also
assisted in the transfer of the dogs to the airport in my absence and without her
and her support this could have all gone horribly wrong. I cannot speak more highly
about the Haven Dog Hotel and also cannot thank them enough in their assistance to
get Puppy and Socks to me in Uganda.

Fiona Lithgow (puppy and socks)

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